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      Development History

      • In 1998,

        Dechang predecessor --- yuyao chengxi circuit board hardware factory, produces vacuum cleaner circuit board, hardware accessories
      • In 2002,

        Ningbo dechang motor manufacturing co., LTD was established, specializing in producing vacuum cleaner motor and other series motor
      • In 2012,

        Cooperate with international famous brand to produce vacuum cleaner
      • In 2017,

        Ningbo decheng technology co., LTD., a subsidiary company, is committed to the development and production of automotive EPS brushless motor, and to develop the domestic market
      • In 2018,

        Total sales of more than 1.2 billion yuan, China's ten largest vacuum cleaner export enterprises
      • In 2019,

        Establish subsidiary ningbo dechang electric appliance co., LTD., march into home health care industry with international famous brand cooperation
      • In 2020,

        Successfully listed, stock code: 605555
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